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Blue Force remains committed to deliver quality and safe services to its shareholders through its trained and experienced resources. Ensuring operations in safe working conditions with appropriate risk control and restricted damage to the environment is the ultimate priority in achieving.


Blue Force will enhance at all its sites the highest standards of HSE besides quality consistency by implementing the following to achieve its objective of ‘Zero LTI with Minimal Damage to Environment, thus achieving highest customer retention’ –

  • Assess and distinguish risks to clients, our employees & surroundings
  • Integrated shareholders association to achieve desired goals
  • Respect and operate within the law of the land and the respective authorities
  • Constant interaction with all for achieving targets


It is mandatory for all the employees and vendors of Blue Force to conform full compliance to HSE, laws & regulations to ensure continued success and growth of the organisation. Blue Force and its partners will-

  • At all times adhere to corporate HSE policies and promote the same internally and externally via training and clear communications
  • Apply the various ISO measures to achieve the targets and remain a pro Quality organisation
  • Involve the employees, customers and vendors to promote improvement and share best practices, audit results, feedbacks, reviews and set performance indicators
  • Identify & Implement reduction, reuse and recycle initiatives
  • Promptly attend to all accidents, incidents and investigate to ascertain the causes and assure implementation of efficient measures to avoid reoccurrence of the same
  • Promote HSE culture within the organisation and allocate necessary resources along with financial assistance.
  • Motivate and reward exceptional performers who perform HSE duties


HSE policy is an integral part of Blue Force and will be reviewed bi-annually to ensure efficiency and suitability. It may be amended or revised periodically to meet our objectives.